How to Set Up Environment to Develop Android Apps

Do the followings in order:

1) Install Java Development Kit (JDK)

2) Install Eclipse IDE

3) Install Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

4) Add Android Development Tools (ADT) in Eclipse
– Help > Install new software’.
– ‘Work with’, enter
– Check ‘Development tools’ and click ‘Next’.
– Select ‘Android DDMS’ and ‘Android Development Tools’. Click ‘Next’.
– Accept the terms and restart.

5) Point ADT plugin to where you extracted the Android SDK
– ‘Window > Preferences > Android’.
– Next to ‘SDK location’ click ‘Browse’ and locate the folder with the SDK.
– Click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

6) Get Android platform
– Choose ‘Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager’ to open it.
– Select ‘Available packages’ and tick the box next to ‘’.
– Tick what you want.
– Install (tick) the last version of the Android Platform.

7) Set up Android Virtual Device (AVD)
– Choose ‘Window > Android SDK and AVD manager’ and select ‘Virtual devices’.
– Click ‘New’ and provide a name for your new device. Select the Android platform that you want to use as the target. – Click ‘Create AVD’.